Deciding who to call and what to do.

Locating water/sewage in your property can be very stressful.  Most property owners are unsure who to call or what steps they should take to prevent further damage and stay safe.  Calling your insurance company first is not always the most prudent call as they may start a claim, for damage that can be remedied for less than your deductible.  Call R & S first we will help evaluate your situation and offer guidance. So you can make the the proper choice based on your situation.  



Assess Property

An R & S Employee will walk your property to determine affected areas.  This is done by visual observation as well as the use of moisture meters to determine the best course of action.

The Contract


Emergency  Service  agreement

Should your situation require mitigation services you will be asked to sign an agreement. This agreement will allow us start dry down - restoration services.  The agreement also allows us to bill your insurance company should there be an insurance claim filed.



Drying Plan/Equipment

Plan will be formulated to bring your property to pre-loss moisture conditions. When needed building materials like drywall may will be removed and drying equipment  placed to prevent futher damage. This will typically take 3-5 days.  During this time we will need access to the property to monitor drying progress. 

Couple and Builder


Final walk-through 

We will go over damaged areas of your property to make sure building materials have reached pre-loss moisture levels and no further damage will come to your property. During this time when claims are filed an insurance adjuster will have come to the house or will have set up a time to inspect so you can began the reconstruction process. 




No estimate is required to start emergency drying services, in fact your insurance company has a provision requiring you to mitigate further damages.  R & S does not set pricing for these services we use a price list and services insurance companies agree to. This is estimate is based on the time it took your  property dry and what work was done.