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Rands Restores Property Restoration


Getting your property to pre-loss conditions after Storm-fire-water loss can be a tedious process.  You have to work with your insurance company, along with your mortgage company, contractors and more.  We are here to help you navigate the maze.

We have outlined a quick reference guide as to how R & S restores handles Repairs to your home after a loss.  Want a kitchen or bathroom remodel?  Want to Finish your basement we can help with that as well.

Step 1: Reconstruction Assess your property damage and repair needs

Drywall Repair

An R & S Employee will walk your property and discuss your goals, repair needs, timelines, and the claims process.

Step 2: Reconstruction Paper work and reconstruction agreement

Signing a Contract

After walking your property you will be asked to sign a repair agreement. This agreement allows us to start discussing your claim with your insurance company and secures one of our crews to repair your property.

Step 3: Reconstruction Start work with your adjuster and mortgage

Remodel Estimate

After signing a reconstruction agreement we will begin reviewing your claim, and talking to the claims handler, so we can reach a satisfactory estimate to bring your property back to pre-loss conditions.  When needed we will help with your mortgage company and the paper work needed to satisfy them.

Step 4: Reconstruction Reconstruction Crew

Home Remodel

After finalizing estimates, paper work, and  change orders, a project manager and crew will be assigned to your project based on the location and needs of your project.

Step 5: Reconstruction Start of work

Home Renovation

After the scope of work has been finalized, crew assigned, and funds issued.  It is time get working to restore  your property back to pre-loss conditions.

Step 6: Reconstruction Completion of work & final walk though

Remodeled Bathroom

Once all work has been finished, we will do walk through to make sure the scope of work has been completed and get your life back to normal. 

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