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R & S Restores Water Restoration

Water Damage

Finding water-sewage in home can be stressful.  You may be unsure if it is worth filing a claim or who to call. below we have a guide as to to how R & S walks you through the process. 

Call R & S 888-545-8514 we are ready to help 24/7/365

full service water mitigation for water damage and restoration services in Novi, mi and metro Detroit

Moisture Mapping& 


Licensed Professionals

When you see water or water damage in your home it can be stressful.  You may have a lot of questions and be unsure if you need professional water mitigation services.  R & S Restores can help.  We will come walk the loss area using a combination of visual inspection and moisture meters to determine the best course of action to dry your property and help prevent further damage. 

Water Damage
Mitigation Drying Equipment

Remove Moisture in your Property 

Dry down mitigation plan

Our IICRC trained technicians will come out and begin our drying plan for the affected area of your property.  This is done through 

  • Water Extraction 

  • Removal of wet carpet pad and carpet

  • Removal of molding and toe kicks

  • Removal of wet insulation

  • Removal of wet drywall, panel, or flooring when needed

  • Treatment of affected area with non  harmful plant based anti-microbial agents

  • Placement of professional water mitigation equipment

We will test the affected area to ensure moisture levels have retuned to pre-loss levels

Water Damage

Most dry downs will require mitigation equipment to be left onsite for three to five days.  During this time we may need to inspect the property to insure proper drying and equipment placement.

If a claim is made we will prepare an estimate and work with your insurance company AND try to relieve as much stress as possible

Estimates are not required to start and perform emergency mitigation services.  Most insurance policies have language that requires taking actions to mitigate damages ASAP.  When dealing with insurance companies we do not set our own prices.  We use estimating programs requested by insurance companies.  If you are in need of repairs after water damage we can help and prepare an estimate for that as well click here for more information.

Call R & S Restores at 888-545-8514 for emergency water mitigation services in Novi and Metro Detroit.  Remember you can choose the water mitigation company of your choice.

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